G'day mate!

Welcome on my little corner of the world wide web!

I'm Frederik Vanrenterghem, living in Western Australia with my family since 2014. The fact I even maintain a website anymore probably gives away my age - yes, I was born before the 80's! I've written up some further details for those that may be of interest to.

Life occassionally takes me places, mostly close to home but regularly a bit further away too. When I encounter something pretty or interesting, I might drop some photos of it on this site. (Family and friends might even find themselves on here - but they'll need to log in first.)
I blog irregularly about free software, R stats (mostly data visualisation) and occassionaly even about economics or politics.


I host my own git server, containing code samples that might be useful as a reference to some. This site's source is stored in there as well.