After setting a personal objective late last year of reaching 'level 2' on the indieweb, with the ability to send Webmentions, I stumbled on Bring Back Blogging yesterday. I love how some people are dedicated to keeping a decentralised internet available and of relevance.

Over the past month, I created an OpenGraph plugin for IkiWiki which allows to add customized Open Graph tags to posts on my blog. This in combination with standard IkiWiki blog support seems equivalent to an h-entry, which was a level 1 feature.

I've also added an h-card to the About section of this site, thereby completing the first part of the level 2 requirements.

Yet to do are the WebMentions. There were some conversations about that on the IkiWiki discussion forum years ago, but no code was checked in to complete the feature. At its simplest, it appears to be a matter of including another site's blog post in yours and sending of a ping to the site to inform it about this. Having the ability to receive back seems quite a bit harder.